Installing HTML email signatures in Microsoft Outlook (on Windows machine)

Installing HTML email signatures in Microsoft Outlook (on Windows machine)

If you have comissioned a custom email signature from us, or created your own, here is how to install it in Microsoft Outlook:

Step 1: Add a New Placeholder Signature

In Outlook, go to File > Options > Mail and click on “Signatures“. Click “New” to create a new placeholder signature. Give the new signature a name you can remember.

Set to use your new Signature for both New Messages and Replies/Forwards.

Hit "OK" to save and "OK" again to close the Outlook Options window.


Step 2: Open Outlook’s Signature Folder on Your Computer

Here are the locations on the hard drive of your computer where Outlook places signature files, these locations are usually hidden so make sure you show hidden files and folders:

Windows 8, 10, and 11:

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures

Step 3: Find and Open the New Signature file

Within the Signature Folder, locate the file that you have created in Step 1. If you see multiple files with the same name, the file you want to open is the HTM file with the .htm extension. Open it with Notepad. You can right-click on the file and select Open with > Notepad

Step 4: Replace Placeholder Text With Your HTML Code

If we have created a signature for you, you will have received an HTML file with a .html extension containing the HTML code for your signature. Open this file in Notepad to view the code.
Replace all the HTML content in the placeholder signature file (CTRL A and CTRL Delete) and paste your HTML signature code (from the file we provided). Hit File > Save.

Open Outlook and send yourself an email to test the signature.

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