How to backup mail or download mail from the server with KonsoleH

How to backup mail or download mail from the server with KonsoleH

How to Download Mail to your Computer

Using POP3

Configure your email program using the POP3 protocol (and not IMAP). This will allow the emails in the Inbox folder on the server to be downloaded into your email program, which you can then store locally in your email program’s PST/MBOX/Data file. Refer to our email setup guides for your mail programme.

Using Webmail

This option downloads individual mail folders.

  1. Log in to the xneelo Webmail interface with your email address and password.
  2. Select the email folder which you wish to download from the left side menu (The Inbox is selected by default).
  3. From the bottom menu, click Select and then All from the dropdown menu.
  4. From the top menu, select More and Download. The Maildir format (.zip) option is recommended.
  5. A download will immediately commence in your browser and the selected folder will be downloaded as a single .zip file into your computers default Downloads folder.
  6. Inside the zip file, each email will be listed as an .eml file. This file format can successfully be read and imported into all major email programs such as Outlook, Mac Mail and Thunderbird.
  7. Folders nested within other folders i.e. subfolders, won’t be downloaded but should be selected individually for download.

How to Backup Mail for Transfer

Using FTP

  1. Connect to the server via FTP 
  2. Upon connecting you will arrive in the home directory for your domain
  3. Download the Users folder which contains all of the email accounts and emails for your domain by right-clicking on the Users folder and selecting the Download option. 

The email available in the users' folder is stored in the server’s maildir format which can only be interpreted by other Linux servers using Dovecot / Exim. As such, we only recommend backing up emails using this method if the purpose is to transfer these emails to another hosting server that uses the same email format as xneelo.

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